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Here are some past projects I've participated as a composer, performer or event curator.

​2024 賞味大飯店 Sound Taste Grande Hotel

Sound Taste Grand Hotel is a collaboration with Minelectro, Debby Wang gathered Riot Jazz Society big band featuring indie band "Lilium" and "L8cing". She rearranged the music, and turn it into more diverse atmosphere. It took place in Xinzhuang god of the land temple, with traditional food gathering and DJ with big success.


2024 Time Chamber: Monique Chao Jazz Orchestra

Monique Chao as the first taiwanese female jazz musician in Italy, has been invited to be the cover figure for the whole concerts season of Lucca Jazz Donna - Italian female jazz musician festival. In 2023, she has founded Monique Chao Modern Jazz Orchestra with 18 elements, they play only Monique's original compositions. And their debut album will be released soon in 2024.

They have invited 18 Taiwanese innovative jazz musicians to the stage. Those whom we known are Yu-Wen Peng as the director of Sizhukong Jazz School, Minyen Hsieh, Shawna Yang, Vincent Hsu, Debby Wang, Michael Wang, and many other active jazz musicians.


2023 Crossing Reality 

Crossing Reality is a collaboration project with Minelectro, which is based on the debut album of Japanese composer, arranger, and pianist Eri Chichibu. This event contained an art exhibition of Minemoto Katsuko and Eri Chichibu's compositions. The audience had the opportunity to explore her compositions with the background visuals created by disassembling artwork into materials for the VJ operation. 

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2023 Sound Of Justice

Collaborating with Melting Part, Debby Wang invited the vibist Chien Chien Lu, and bassist Richie Goods their band: Connected for live performace and panel discussion.

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2021 Island Torch Festival: Composer series

Island Torch Festival is a special event during the pandemic era, while in 2021 Taiwan was one of the few places can have live performances, Debby Wang invited several composers to arrange for this special event, which it has a Taiwanese jazz orchestra for the festival, but all the guest artist are invited online to interact with the audience in Taiwan.

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