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Debby Wang is a vibist, composer, and educator. She studied at Studio Percussion School in Austria, Graz in 2009, and majored in classical percussion performance at the University Of Performing Arts and Music Vienna in 2015. She studied with Gerald Windbacher, David Christopher Panzl, and Anton Müllhofer. She then switched her path in 2018 for Berklee College Of Music, dual majoring in jazz vibraphone performance and jazz composition, studied with Ed Saindon, Gustavo Agatiello, Darren Barrett, Neal Smith, Terri Lyne Carrington, Kris Davis, Linda May Han Oh. Debby Wang was also part of the Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice members and performed with Melisa Aldana.


In 2021, she moved back to Taiwan to continue her music career as a performer, educator, and conductor. She cooperated with the Berklee College Of Music for an international jazz composer festival: the Island Torch Festival in Taiwan. She also was invited to NTCH Summer Jazz ONLINE for a vibraphone solo performance. In 2022, she started to conduct the Riot Jazz Society Big Band and brought her own big band to the Taichung Jazz Festival main stage. In the same year, she received 2nd prize for Italy Percussive Arts Society percussion composition category E and 3rd prize for jazz vibraphone category


Debby Wang is also an experienced exhibitor, she has not only organized Island Torch Festival, she has also collaborated with Golden Melody Award winner Chien Chien Lu and Richie Goods for organizing her live concert at the Yu Chen Studio. In 2022 October, she collaborated with Minelectro, organizing a jazz large ensemble tour with Bluenote Tokyo recommended uprising star Eri Chichibu. The event featured also visual design based on Minemoto Katsuko’s artwork.


Besides all of this, Debby wang promotes black American music culture, hosting different lectures at the university.

In 2024 she participated German Theater group "Rimini Protokoll" production "This Is Not An Embassy (Made In Taiwan)" as music production and performer. Toured in Berlin, Vienna, Basel, Lausanne, and more cities coming up in the year. She also released her debut album "Aftertaste" with various of music styles and instrumentations.

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